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Khowar primer issue discussed again

DROSH, Oct 4: The breakaway chapter of Anjuman Taraqi-e-Khowar in Drosh on Friday once again discussed the alleged mistakes in the Khowar primer preparation. anees ur rehmanIt is to be recalled that members of the Anjuman’s Drosh chapter have been at loggerheads with its main office in Chitral over what they say glaring mistakes in the Khowar primer prepared for schoolchildren. The primer was prepared by the Anjuman officials after the KP government included the Khowar language in the primary level classes from the new academic session in April this year. The meeting at Drosh with Anisur Rehman Chughtai, its president, decided that they would submit their reservations and complaints in writing to the authorities concerned soon. If the authorities did not take any notice and failed to redress the matter, the president of the Anjuman without wasting any further time. In the meeting the resignation of Anjuman Drosh chapter’s secretary general Saeed Kainati was also taken up. But as Mr Kainati did not attend the meeting himself, the meeting could not take any decision whether to accept his resignation or not.—Jahan Zeb Khan]]>

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