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Sectarian attack on Ghizer road feared

GILGIT: The interior ministry has sent a ‘threat alert’ to the Gilgit-Baltistan government, asking it to beef up security along the main road linking Gilgit with Ghizer Valley. “Terrorists can attack passenger vehicles on the road,” read a letter received by the GB government. It added security on the road should be increased to ensure the safety of commuters. The letter maintained that the followers of a particular sect could be targeted to sabotage peace and sectarian harmony. It added the terrorists are trained and residents of Gilgit. Except for a few incidents, Gilgit has largely remained peaceful this year. Last year, however, over 70 people were killed in various incidents of sectarian violence. Several among the dead were passengers killed on Karakoram Highway (KKH) by banned militant outfits. The letter identifies Hainzal, which is about 25 kilometers from Gilgit, as one of the areas where the terrorists may strike. Senior police official Ali Sher confirmed they have received a threat alert, saying the interior ministry keeps posting such warnings to all provincial governments as a recent measure to stem violence. He added they have received such alerts in the past too and made security arrangements accordingly to thwart any possible attack. “We use whatever options we have at our disposal to stem violence.”  ]]>

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