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First case in Chitral? Two women injured in acid attack

CHITRAL, Sept 15: A married woman and her mother suffered burn injuries when the woman’s husband allegedly threw acid on them at Shamsabad, near Drosh on Sunday. However, the alleged acid thrower was not a resident of Chitral as he belonged to Lower Dir. Chitral police spokesman Inspector Buzurguddin identified the accused as Sultan Zeb, a resident of Jandul in Lower Dir. He said the accused attacked his wife when she refused to go with him to his native town of Jandul. When her mother came to her rescue, the man threw acid on them. Both women sustained serious burn injuries and were shifted to Peshawar for treatment. The accused escaped the area after the incident. The acid throwing incident is said to be first of its nature in the district while the police station Drosh has registered a case against Sultan Zeb.–Zahiruddin  ]]>

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  1. Safir says

    If our people did not stop to get their daughters married out of Chitral then we have to be ready for worst things to happen. This is a sad news for all Chitralis. We can’t imagine such types of inccident happen inside Chitral. But unfortunatly we are facing such type of incidents day by day because of outsiders who have entered Chitral with their criminal minds. There should be a solution to this prolem.

  2. Nawaz says

    Very sad and shocking news.

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