PK-89: Sartaj wins assurances from elders

CHITRAL, April 24: People, especially elders, from different valleys of lower Chitral have said former provincial minister Salim Khan failed to come to their expectations and this time they will vote for ex-tehsil nazim Chitral Sartaj Ahmed Khan. 523 copyAddressing a public gathering at a hotel here, the people from Arandu, Drosh and Lotkoh etc., expressed their full confidence in Sartaj Ahmad and said he was a sincere, dedicated, honest and popular leader of Chitral. They said they tested leaders of different parties but they frustrated the public. Mujeebur Rehman of Ayun said in previous elections they had voted for PPP candidate Salim Khan but he never came back to the electorates after getting the ministerial slot. They alleged that Salim Khan remained busy in minting money during the five years and also got a share in a portion of Arandu forest. On the other hand, they added, Sartaj did a lot of work for the people of the area when he was the tehsil nazim. Speaking on the occasion, Sartaj said he belonged to the middle class and would never frustrate his voters if he was elected in the coming elections. It may be noted that Sartaj is contesting the PK-89 seat as an independent candidate after the PPP denied him a ticket. Sartaj asked the people to cast their votes in his favor and give him another chance to serve them. The people on the occasion assured him of their full support.—GH Farooqui]]>

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