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I will end traditional politics, says PPP candidate

BOONI (CHITRAL), April 23: I will probe into the embezzlement of 240 million rupees in the Atahk water channel project, set up schools and colleges and lay a network of roads in upper Chitral, said PPP leader Sardar Hussain.
In an interview to ChitralToday ( in Booni, Sardar Hussain, the PPP candidate for PK-90, said before the PPP came to power in 2008 only Rs3 billion were spent on the Lowari tunnel. Our government raised the spending on the mega project to 18 billion and continued work at the site with full vigor, he claimed.

He said since independence only 75 kilometres of roads had been constructed in Chitral but his priority would be to build roads to each small valley of the area.
ChitralToday: The people of Chitral have a complaint against the local representatives of PPP that they failed to arrange the visit of President or prime minister to Chitral during their-five year tenure?
Sardar: You know, a few years ago when American president came on a state visit to Pakistan he was unable to come out of the Chaklala airport due security reasons. Pakistan is fighting a war against extremism. Extremists are challenging the writ of the government. Our province is the most affected one in the country. So under these circumstances, we did not want to put our central leadership on trial by inviting them to Chitral. However, PPP always has a well thought policy about development and whether our leaders visit the district or not, work on developmental projects continued.
Three billion rupees were spent on Lowari project during the tenure of previous government while our government increased it to 18 billion. Million of rupees have been spent on Chitral bypass. In order to solve the problem of clean drinking water in Chitral town, a water supply scheme was initiated and 400 million rupees have been spent on this project. Similarly, work on water supply projects is going on at Drosh and Ayun. Millions of rupees have been spent on Xhindroli hydropower project. Work on Yarkhun- Broghil road has been completed. Thousands of poor families have been provided financial assistance under BISP.
ChitralToday: The people of subdivision Mastuj have lots of expectations from you. What is your plan to come up to their expectations?
Sardar: First of all I’ll try to do away with the tradition of party-affiliated politics in Chitral. Moreover, Chitral is a huge district spreading over an area of 14,850 sq km. Controlling such a huge area administratively is simply impossible. After getting elected, my first priority will be to bifurcate Chitral into two districts. Only 75 km roads have been constructed in Chitral since independence. Spreading a network of roads in Chitral is my desire. An embezzlement of 24 crore and 84 lakh rupees have been reported ion the area. I’ll probe into it. I’ll start work on Lotoveer-Terich, Boon-Yarkhunlasht, Torkow-Khot and Booni-Phandar roads. On my request former President Pervez Musharaf had started work on Athahk irrigation channel but the funds were misused. I’ll establish girls’ colleges at Torkow, Mulkow, Mastuj and Laspur. An international standard university will be established at Qaqlasht.

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