Chitral needs volunteer security committees

With the supervision of district government, proper volunteer-based security committees are needed to be organised throughout the villages of Chitral. These groups of personnel of own respective villages will keep their vicinity clean of outer as well as domestic troublemakers. These civil defence-based organisations will also help best in natural disasters like flooding, earthquake and avalanche etc. These people should be properly equipped and trained to meet any of the threatening circumstances. Such organisations are already seen working here but they lack energy. Their members just stand aside as spectators in neat English suits at the affected spots to watch villagers striving with their ultimate skill. Some points are to be kept in mind in making up of such bodies. These civil defence-based committees should not be given, directly or indirectly, under the command of a band or person of influence of some secondary designs. They should not be let utilized as ‘lashkars’ as is done in other areas for political and military gains. Members intending to participate should be keen to their cause and free of any racial, political and sectarian prejudice. While the areas along Durand Line are already in a disturbed situation, NATO is also in the course of retreat. In these circumstances, it will be best to take care of the home area by own selves. Mohammad Ilyas, Goldoor, Chitral, (April 11, 2013).  ]]>

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