Chitrali protesters warn Musharraf

PESHAWAR, Mar 28: A small group of people from Chitral on Thursday staged a protest demonstration in Peshawar against Pervez Musharraf’s decision to contest election from Chitral’s national assembly constituency of NA-32. INP 28-04 copyLed by Haji Salahuddin, Abdur Rahman Shah, Asadullah and Mohammad Fazil Shah, the protesters were chanting slogans at Sher Shah Suri Road against the former president for planning to come to Chitral for the elections. The protesters were carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans against the former president. Talking to reporters, the protesters said Musharraf’s decision to contest the lection would spoil the peace of Chitral as he was on the hit list of Taliban. They said Musharraf was also involved in the killing of innocent people during the Lal Masjid operation in Islamabad in 2007 and the people of Chitral would not forgive him for this. They claimed that Musharraf’s dream to win the national Assembly seat of NA-32 from Chitral would never come true and he would face humiliating defeat. They also asked the Election Commission of Pakistan not to accept the nomination papers of Musharraf otherwise they would stage a sit-in outside the ECP offices and even the Supreme Court of Pakistan.]]>

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  1. @Shahid Zafar. Chitralis are well-educated and they know who and what is good for them and for the country as a whole!! What Musharaf did for Pakistan in general and for Chitral in particular is in front of all of us, at the same time what your democracy did with the poor masses is not at all ambiguous!!
    War of Kargil was whose fault, who was responsible for the causalities, who turned a successful military action into a political defeat, even a dumb folk can tell you, but I am surprised you don’t know it!

  2. We all know that the people of Chitral are ethnocentric, they always give importance to their own culture in every part of not only Pakistan but also in the whole world. The people of Chitral adjust themselves in every situation if they want ……………but they change the situation according to themselves rather than changing themselves according to that situation.

  3. @Shahpar Ali: It is the dictator who constructed Shandur road and now the people of Laspur use NATCO bus service even for going to Ghari to look for their missing cattles in the mountains of Chumarkhan by sitting in a NATCO bus. It is the dictator because of whom a large number of Chitral boys got commission in Pakistan Army. The previous record of commissioned army officers is not privy to us all. Perhaps this bothers some people who are not happy seeing Chitrali boys in the army. The new lot of emerging politicians like Salim Khan, Prince Sikanderul Mulk, Sartaj Ahmed, Haji Maghfirat Shah and so on and so forth, is due to local government system introduced by a dictator. The credit again goes to this commando if people around the globe know something about Chitral and Chitralis. He did whatever he can for people of Chitral. I think you want to say he missed out something and that is collection of dung generated by cattle, which was not his job, my dear. For this purpose, people with specific mindset are available in a great number across Chitral who will do the needful, so just do not worry about it. I am sure this is the only thing which bothers some people because it has always remained their top priority. Wish you all the best, keep your fingers crossed and the day is not far when you will be left with no option except chanting long live Musharraf slogans in a huge rally organized to celebrate the mammoth victory of Gen Musharraf at Polo Ground, near PIA office.

    1. The talented Chitrali youth nowadays are successfully competing in CSS, PMS, banking exams, professional colleges exams inside Pakistan besides reaching prestigious international institutions like Oxford and Harvard universities and doing successful competitions in international markets. But a few of our traditional minded brothers still think that they are getting captain jobs in the army due to Gen Musharraf. They underestimate Chitrali talent and evolutionary changes.
      Many of our brothers think that today’s Chitrali young politicians are also due to the blessings of Gen Musharraf. My dear whom blessings were Qazi Nizam sahb, Mowlana Nur Shahidin, Ataliqu Jaffar Ali Shah, Shahzada Mohiuddin, Mowlana Abdur Rahim, Shishio Mowlana, Syed Abdul Ghafoor Shah, Qadir Nawaz sb who remained minister for six ministries at the same time and the big guns of NAP were asking advise on politics from him and many big names of today were used visiting him in Drosh to learn ABC of politics. My dear brothers you are underestimating Chitralis.
      Regarding Ghizer, Shandur road. Yes this road was built in between 1999 and 2007 but during the same period thousands of youth of Ghizer in NLI were killed in a stupid Kargill war ill planned by the same commando Genenral. In any civilized country, that general should have been put into prison but we are now planning to send him to the National Assembly as a representative of Chitral and that also at that time when whole of Pakistan has rejected him. Just imagine in a city of oen crore and twenty lac population there were not 1,000 people at Karachi airport to receive the commando/politician.
      If that road is a criterion for Chitrali representative, then Muammar Qaddafi has also made few roads in his country crushing his poor masses, violating their constitution during his 42 years dictatorship. Then why not call his son Mr Saiful Islam to represent innocent Chitralis.
      My dear brothers, Gen.Musharaf has no further role in Pakistani politics if he wins or lose from Chitral. He will be either in jail or if fortunate will be back to vilayat. And you people will be ruled by 2nd generation of our respected Shahzada Mohiuddin for the next 30-40 years.
      Yes, this is a democratic era, you and your vote is independent, you can give to anyone you wish but please don’t give unwise advise to the wise and talented Chitrali nation.

      1. @Shahid Zafar: Well, interesting what a lame excuse to vent one’s anger after finding no answer to the question raised in the above comments. The development undertaken by the brigade of politicians you take pride in and the uplift schemes carried out by Gen Musharraf within a short span of few years in Chitral speaks volume about your heroes’ heroism right from Qazi Nizam to Qadir Nawaz. I would rather say they were failed politicians Chitral ever had. They managed to reach parliament because there was dearth of educated people and the handful of seminary clerics did nothing except sleeping during the proceedings of the house.
        “The destiny of Chitral is sleeping”, perhaps this was the reason which forced late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to say, when he noticed a Chitrali MNA sleeping during proceedings of the house. Your sweeping comments about Chitrali boys making their way to top schools like Oxford, Harvard are out of place. This reminds me a comment made by Sheikh Rashid of Rawalpindi about Chitrali boys. Sheik, a veteran politician, once told a TV anchor that all the boys in Chitral are under-matric while girls could be seen doing masters in universities. I will give a 100,000 penalty if you can give me an example of a single Chitrali who had studied in these top schools. The gentleman who has recently got the opportunity to spend one year at Oxford must not be considered as an Oxfordian because it is IIS which had an agreement with different universities in UK that their students will get a chance to study in schools like LSE, Oxford etc but the degree will be awarded by the IIS. Those who got the opportunity to go to Oxford for a two-month diploma cannot be declared an Oxfordian, right? Let us be frank now that if being an army officer is not honoured for an ordinary Chitrali, I must recommend you to ask the person in Chitral why his father sent him to the army. His father decided to send him to the army when late Shahzada Burhanuddin hit him with the butt of his gun in front of a huge crowed. At the same time, you must not repeat the mantra of NLI martyrs. They had joined the army to give their lives for the country. You are nobody to judge whether the decision to wage a war with rival India was right or wrong. Do not try to impress us with your scholarly comments about Arab spring. You deserve to be ruled with an iron fist by the fourth generation of Katoor and particularly Prince Muhiuddin. People like you have always remained loyal disciple of Prince Muhiuddin. You will never be able to say a single word against Prince Muhiuddin openly ever after hundreds years. Muhiuddin has been ruling over the valley for the last three decades just because of people like you. Let me tell you that you will never succeed in your motives to mislead the youth as the educated Chitralis are capable enough to exercise their right to franchise, whoever they like. You and your cronies have no space in today’s Chitral.

  4. We, the Chitrali people, support a dictator who violated the constitution twice, who pushed our motherland into a useless war on terror which has resulted in complete collapse of our society. We support the man who sent packing the judiciary just for his own satisfaction, who took pride in the power of gun in his hand and treated the whole country as a mere playground where he played his game of throne. Everyone with little knowledge knows that he polished shoes of US for nine years and led us to a war where more than 4,000 of our soldiers sacrificed their lives for nothing or for a mirage.
    Yet we, the Chitrali People, who take pride that we are the most literate people in KPK support him. The whole world identifies him as a tyrant dictator but we love him. Today even the African countries hate dictators and the Arab spring has deposed all the dictators in those countries but we, the Chitrali People, love the dictator. I think the evolution of humankind has done nothing to us and we perhaps are living in the Stone Age. Kudos to the literate and peaceful people of Chitral who love a dictator who waged two wars in his life i.e. Kargil and War on Terror thus getting thousands of our brothers killed for his own stupid satisfaction.
    I am confident that if Hitler was alive and considered running for elections in Pakistan, he would have chosen Chitral and we, the peaceful and literate people of Chitral, would have elected him our representative.

  5. Sir we welcome to you, ya sara log jo banar lakar gumraha han, en masa ek be Chitrali nahe ha, Chitrali to sara apsa muhabat karta han, apke Chitral sa election larna chitralion ka lia surprise ha. Ya to pyson kalia apni zameer bach chuka han.

  6. For your kind information the molvi-brigade has nothing to do with democracy. We never heard of a civil society in Chitral. The molvis have always been opposing the idea of civil society tooth and nail. So do not misguide people. Gen Musharraf is saviour of Pakistan and he does not need to fear about any such demos. He is a hero and will emerge as a hero once again when people of Chitral will elect him on May 11 with a thumping majority. We are so keen to see the day when the candidates belonging to PTI, PPP, PML-N, JI, JUI-F will see their securities forfeited. The tsunami of Gen Musharraf will clean sweep all the old faces and we are so excited at least we will get rid of them. We are happy because with entry of Musharraf in politics, the so-called Chitrali politicians will be left with no option but to announce joining All Pakistan Muslim League (APML).

  7. Well if you have guts why don’t you arrange an “unpaid” gathering in favor of Musharraf. Instead of bashing the rightful demonstration by civil society, you should realize that it is their democratic right to do so.

  8. I don’t know who are these protesters and whom they represent. Any guess about their exact number?? But as our brother Fazal Sher aptly pointed out, they are paid agents of some religious party, say Moulana Abdul Akbar who has most probably hired them for an hour from the market. Plz don’t portray them as ‘civil society’!! People who are protesting like this don’t have their hands on the pulse of Chitralis and I’m giving in writing here today that Musharraf is going to clean sweep the NA seat from Chitral. 50,000 votes are destined to be in the ballot box marked with the pictures of ‘Shaheen’ insha Allah!!!

  9. At the end of the day, these paid protesters of some religious political parties will go back to Qisa Khawani bazar and continue their business there. The handful of ‘paid protesters’ have never exercised their right to franchise back in Chitral.The PTI and Jamat-e-Islami are contemplating upon seat-to-seat adjustment in the upcoming elections and Maulana Abdul Akbar will be out once again for another five years as the JI has already agreed not to filed its candidate from NA-32 in case of seat adjustment between the two parties. My brother Abdul Latif of PTI will have to kiss the dust without an iota of doubt as for Chitralis he is no different than Ghulam Muhiuddin, who once made a failed attempt for National Assembly seat form Chitral with the help of Shehzadi Suleman. Let these ‘Chitralis’ in Peshawar vent their anger by protesting, crying, weeping and beating their chest in sheer helplessness but the day is not far when the commando will emerge victorious giving a humiliating defeat to these fair-weather politicians of Kashqar. Bravo Musharraf…Chitralis are with you, come and rock!

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