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Ministers are lying about Lowari Tunnel

PESHAWAR, Sept 29: Former MNA Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali has criticized the government for its failure to resume work on the Lowari Tunnel despite promises after promises. [caption id="attachment_4583" align="alignleft" width="218" caption="Maulana Abdul Akbar"][/caption] Speaking at a press conference here on Saturday, he said federal minister for communication Dr Arbab Alamgir and provincial minister for population welfare Saleem Khan had announced two months ago that work at the site would resume soon and that heavy machinery had been shifted to the site. He alleged that the funds meant for the Lowari Tunnel had been shifted to Multan and Larkana, which are constituencies of Gillani and Bhutto families while the Chitralis were kept deprived of their just rights. The former lawmaker said till now about Rs8 billions had been spent on the project and the process had been stopped and in case it was further delayed then the government would have to allocate heavy funds for it because the rates of construction material had been hiked manifold. The tunnel, he alleged, was opened for the VVIPs while kept closed for the common people. He warned that if the government failed to complete the project the people of Chitral woulfd take to the streets. He said that the government was intentionally using delaying tactics to complete it. He appealed to the Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court to take suo motu notice of the delay on the tunnel and sufferings of the people and take action against the concerned authorities. He also asked the government to return the funds meant for the tunnel from Multan and Larkana so that the long awaited issue could be resolved as soon as possible because the general elections were approaching nearer and the rulers would be unable to complete it.]]>

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