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Army deployment on Ghizer border sought

ISLAMABAD, Sept 29: As a threat issued by the federal government about terror strikes on Chitral-Gilgit road created panic among the travellers and the residents, a  member of the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly demanded that army be deployed at two important border areas of Ghizer district. [caption id="attachment_4553" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Threatening peace"][/caption] Mohammad Ayub Shah, who was elected from Ghizer, said, “We demand that the federal government deploy army at Darkut Pass and Korumbar Pass as there is possibility of infiltration of militants from some provinces of Afghanistan.” He said that people had only recently started using the road to travel again. An attack on Shia passengers on Karakoram Highway by militants in August had sent fear waves across the region, with people opting not to travel by roads unless absolutely necessary. He stated that a mere warning by the interior ministry is not sufficient, but effective security measures need to be taken. He added that the federal government is authorised to deploy army in these sensitive areas, keeping in view the regional situation. “We have stepped up the security to check the infiltration of external elements and have increased the police deployment in different areas,” the officer said. The G-B administration has also beefed up security accompanying the passenger buses,” an administration official added. Superintendent Police Farman Ali said they have no intelligence reports that militants from Afghanistan might try to enter Pakistan. However, he added, alerts are being circulated regularly for security measures.–Peer Mohamamd/Express Tribune Print Friendly and PDF ]]>

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