It's different for barbers in Chitral

CHITRAL, Sept 6: Unlike other districts where barber unions decide the charges for haircut or shave in collaboration with the local administration and implement them, in Chitral the rate list for barbers is issued by the district food controller. Expressing astonishment over the matter, local people said that they did not understand the logic behind fixation and notification of rate list for hairdressers. Former member of Terich union council Tariq Ahmed told this scribe that he was amazed to see the rate list for barbers issued by the officer of food department instead of the district coordination officer. He said that increase in charges of different services of hairdressers in Chitral was usually decided by the district food controller. He recalled that a year ago barbers would charge Rs20 for bath in bathroom of their shops, but over the time the food officer had increased the charges by Rs15 and the same rate of increase was noted in charges for other services.–Dawn ]]>

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  1. I am very impressed to know about the wise decision of District Food Department of Chitral about fixing prices for hairdressers.
    Hair dressers are paid against hair-cutting, shaving and washroom using but the quality of service differs from barber to barber due to professionalism in hair-cutting and hygienic shop system. It is difficult to fix rate for every hairdresser. Sometimes you want a scissor cut but the barber makes you a burger boy. There should be a proper licencing system to enter into this profession and the barber should be educated enough about basic health hygiene.
    Currently, the number of many diseases like cancer and hepatitis is increasing in Chitral, therefore, a health awareness session should also be organized for barbers but I am astonished to hear about the relationship between food department and barber shops. For such a relationship, there is typical Chitrali maxim “Kali Shavayo kia boi”.

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