Nasirul Mulk's educational services lauded

Report Waqar ahmad CHITRAL, May 27: The launching ceremony of a book – His Highness Sir Mohammad Nasirul Mulk Wali-e-Chitral (1936-1943) – written by former chairman of the geography department, University of Peshawar, Professor Israruddin, was held at the Centennial Model School Chitral. The recently-crowned Mehtar of Chitral Fatehul Mulk Ali Nasir was chief guest on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion, the author said he had passed his matric from the school founded by the late Mehtar in 1953 and it had always been his cherished dream to pay back the debt he owed to the great visionary ruler of Chitral and today his dream has become a reality. He paid rich tributes to the late Mehtar and called him the Sir Syed of Chitral for his devotion to spread the light of education in Chitral. He added that the late Mehtar was a visionary man and undoubtedly the founder of modern education in the district. Addressing the gathering, Abdul Kabir, the principal of Centennial Model School, said the institution was founded in 1937 by Sir Nasirul Mulk and at present 652 students are enrolled in the school. In 2002, it was made the centennial model school and is the only English medium school run by the government in the district. Professor Mumtaz Hussain, Mohammad Irfan Irfan, Gul Nawaz Khaki, Gul Murad Hasrat and Dr Shahzada Sardarul Mulk expressed their scholarly views about the book. Mehtar of Chitral in his speech said he felt proud of the fact that his great ancesters had tremendous services to the case of education in Chitral and the establishment of high school in the state in 1937 was the testimony of the fact. He further said that he would cintinue patronising the scholarly endeavours of researchers in the district. He also lauded the work of renowned academecian Professor Israruddin about the life of his great grandfather.]]>

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