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  1. I really appreciate the article by Ms Brishna Syed Rustam, regarding the social issue which is also becoming very prominent among Chitrali youth. It is our general observation that most of the youth, especially students, are becoming addict to smoking as a fashion which really becomes very problematic for them in future. These days the use of alcohol in ceremonies is also very high, and due to the use of alcohol the image of peaceful people gets tarnished.
    So it is also my humble request to all authorities to take proactive action to overcome this problem and I will request the law enforcing agencies to take prompt action against the culprits supplying such things to the people. We need to be faithful and sincere with our peaceful homeland Chitral and work for its betterment.
    Fardad Ali Shah,
    Student of Sociology
    President CSWA, Karachi.

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