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In loving memory of Ehsan-ul-Haq Jan

Ehsan-ul-Haq Jan

Shams Uddin

Ehsan-ul-Haq Jan’s approach was humanitarian, his vision far-reaching, his personality versatile, and his values universal.

After completing his university education, he began his professional journey with the Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP), a community development affiliate of the esteemed Aga Development Network (AKDN). As the Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Manager, he served with distinction for around five to six years.

During our time together in AKRSP in 2001-3, I had the honor of being his student. Although he was two years my junior, his exceptional skills, which were rare among development professionals in those days, made him a teacher to us all.

He taught me how to generate comprehensive reports, create tables of contents, reference correctly, and prepare the overall layout of a high-quality document. He also tutored me in Excel-based calculations and budgeting. What I am today is because of the invaluable lessons I learned from him.

His lofty vision and passion for learning then led him to explore new opportunities, including a high-profile position with UNICEF, the United Nations affiliate dedicated to children’s development in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Jan’s analytical skills, effective reporting, and exceptional communication reinforced by honesty and hard work set him apart from his peers, securing him a prestigious role within the international organization. This expanded his professional horizon and refined his expertise to an excellent level.

Ehsan-ul-Haq Jan’s meritorious selection for a high-profile position at the UN headquarters in New York, USA, marked his transition into an international professional.

During his six to seven years with the UN, he dedicated his life to promoting the welfare of vulnerable children across the globe.

His untimely departure is truly a national loss and has left a profound void in our hearts. It is difficult for us, his friends, colleagues, and relatives, to forget him.

Ehsan-ul-Haq Jan, we are certain you are at peace in heaven, but for us, life is bitter without you.

May God bless you with the highest place in heaven. Ameen.

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