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Aqib Ullah

It’s time to accept that we, hailing from Chitral, both upper and lower, can’t afford to be political before securing our basic rights. We are still deprived of these fundamental rights. Every now and then, we face electricity problems, as we have witnessed for the past two days, along with mobile signal issues, poor road conditions, and many other challenges.

For example, the youth have to travel to lower districts to take a single one-hour test, spending more than ten thousand rupees on the uncertainty of whether they will be selected for a post. Many other issues remain unaddressed.

To solve these basic needs of the people in this remote district, a single civic coalition—a union of all political parties—is the need of the hour. Such a coalition can raise its voice for the basic rights of the people. When electricity fails, mobile signals also go off. In rainy weather, we again face a plethora of problems. The condition of our roads deteriorates every day.

We don’t need to be members or supporters of any particular political party to speak for our basic rights. When PTI speaks up, JUI opposes them. If JI raises its voice for the people, PPP loathes them. If PPP comes forward, it is accused of trying to score political points.

The only solution to avoid all these conflicts is to form a single civic coalition, a union of all political parties, to secure our basic rights first. Only then can we afford to engage in political debates.

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