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Jeep and bike peace rally organized in Malakand

PESHAWAR: The Frontier Corps North, in collaboration with the district administration, hosted a one-day annual peace jeep and bike rally in Malakand.

The event, supported by Four by Four Club One and Team Green Riders, saw the participation of 80 jeeps and 25 bikes from across Pakistan, covering a challenging 73 km route from Batkhela to Malakand Fort.

The rally featured spirited tug-of-war competitions between jeeps, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Spectators, including guests from various backgrounds, gathered to witness the thrilling spectacle. The rally culminated in a grand ceremony at Malakand Fort, where the participating jeeps and bikes were launched with flair.

Local artists contributed to the vibrant atmosphere, showcasing regional dances and songs that resonated with the cultural richness of Malakand. The event also featured stalls displaying diverse regional clothes and ornaments, capturing the attention of attendees.

Inspector General Frontier Corps North Major General Noor Wali Khan was chief guest at the closing ceremony celebrated the outstanding performances of jeep drivers and bikers.

General Khan distributed prizes, acknowledging the skill and enthusiasm demonstrated during the rally.

The participants and guests expressed their appreciation for the organizers, highlighting the success of the event in fostering unity, adventure, and cultural exchange.

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