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Plantation urged to reduce impact of climate change

CHITRAL (APP): A non-governmental organization, Helping Hand, on Thursday arranged a seminar, “Youth for a cooler planet” at a hotel in Chitral.

Hamid Ahmad Mir, an environment expert, spoke about how smoking, pollution and carbonyl gases were changing the planet and how climate change was affecting it.
According to experts, abrupt floods brought on by global warming cause significant financial and human losses by melting centuries-old glaciers that sit atop the Chitral mountains.

In order to reduce the damages ratio in the event of a natural disaster, experts recommended the younger generation to plant an increasing number of saplings to preserve their planet (the world) from global warming and the detrimental consequences of climate change.
Experts from a variety of professions participated in a panel discussion and answered questions from the attendees. Participants protested that the eight billion rupee GLOF-II project, which was funded by the UNDP to protect people from the loss of glaciers exploding in mountainous areas, just seemed to be verbally depositing money rather than doing any actual work.
In response, Zaheeruddin Ajaz, President of the Chitral Press Club, stated, “This is only partially accurate. The GLOF-II Project recently paid us a visit in Chitral and Swat and Dir, where they have built community centers, irrigation canals, protection walls and other structures to shield the residents of flood-affected areas from more damage.
According to information shared during the seminar, people in Chitral frequently burn wood for cooking and heating in the winter to stay warm. While this causes smoke to rise, it also places a heavy burden on the forests, which has a detrimental effect on the environment.

In order to lessen the pressure on the forest, they urged that the government supply the residents of Chitral with inexpensive electricity or gas as a substitute fuel for cooking and heating.
According to Shujaul Haq, the primary goal of this seminar was to raise public awareness, particularly among the younger generation, about their role in protecting the environment from harm.
Nasreen Bibi said, “We all have an obligation to clean up our environment and prevent negative effects from occurring because women and children are more vulnerable to natural disasters and cannot flee.”

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