River eroding Mastuj Shandur, Yarkhun road near Awi, Booni.

Army urged to help end govt’s discrimination against Chitral

CHITRAL: A civil society organization working for construction and development of roads in Chitral has called upon the army top brass to take notice of the discrimination against Chitral by successive governments. 

Maulana Israruddin Al Hilal, Waqas Muhammad, Sajidullah Advocate, Inayatullah Aseer, Nisar Ahmed, Sher Zameen and Gul Muhammad of Chitral Development Movement said it was gratifying that corps commander Peshawar visited Chitral following the September 6th terror attack from Afghanistan that left five Chitral Scouts personnel martyred.

It was a direct communication between the people and the top officers as per the army chief’s orders after the terror attack. During his visit, they added, the corps commander got first-hand information about the poor condition of roads and hospitals in Chitral.
They demanded of the corps commander to play his role in ending the government’s discrimination against Chitral which was visible from the condition of the approach road on the Chitral side of the Loweri tunnel and the Booni-Buzand, Chitral-Mastuj roads in Upper Chitral.
They also welcomed the announcement by the corps commander to establish a cadet college in Chitral and demanded that the chief secretary and commissioner Malakand should ensure the provision of land for the project as soon as possible.

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  1. With all due respect to the armed forces, either the army should get the constitution amended to give them a role in civilian administrative matters or leave such matters to whom it concerns. As regards demand by the toadies at the press conference for army intervention, these people belong to various political parties who instead of pressurizing their party government, prod and mislead the army to take knee jerk actions which are usually short lived and non sustainable.

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