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Digital youth hub portal launched

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday launched a digital youth hub portal to provide integrated and one-stop guidance on youth-related initiatives of the government.

In his address, the prime minister congratulated the youth on the launch of the facility and assured them that the government was expanding youth program across the country as laptops and business loans were being given across the country. He told the gathering that Rs30 billion had already been disbursed by banks to youth in form of business loans.

He said Rs 80 billion had been specified for youth-related initiatives including IT programs, freelancing, IT incubators and others, besides another Rs 5 billion allocated for sports projects.

Prime Minister Shehbaz said he had replicated his idea of an Endowment Fund at the federal level as an Education Endowment Fund had been set up with Rs5 billion funding.

He said the facilities like laptops and other funding initiatives were only meant for the high achievers of the public sector universities. The prime minister asked the youngsters to register themselves at the portal to avail the available facilities.

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  1. Ishtiaq says

    Havaiee projects are being launched while practically youth is fleeing (or trying to flee) the country due to mal-governance and bleak future.

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