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Calamitous impact of climate change

Adil Ahmad

Climate change is a global problem and the world is cognizant of the dreadful impact of climate change. Many conferences have been held internationally to deal with climate change. Pakistan is one of those countries which are under the inexorable destruction of climate change. The previous year’s devastation of the deluge was not depleted, yet another deluge this year has again started its annihilation.

Like other areas of Pakistan, Chitral could not escape from the wrecking impact of climate change. In 2015, global warming and climate change made the first move to devastate Chitral. Before 2015,  I had not witnessed the devastation of a flood; however, my grandmother used to recount the havoc of the deluge in quondam time. For the first time, in 2015,  I witnessed the disaster of gush in the stream of my village.

Since 2015, the nonstop demolition of torrent is continued in Chitral. Recent inundation in River Chitral swept away the Mastuj road, and upper Chitral remained cut off from lower Chitral for four days. Many villages are under the implacable erosion of River Chitral due to the recent inundation in the River. River had already eroded and swept away many agricultural lands in different places of upper and lower Chitral.

A recent deluge in streams swept away bridges in three different places and demolished the infrastructure. Because of the blockade of the road, people who are employed in Chitral town couldn’t proceed to their offices. They remained besieged in their home until the road reopened for all kinds of traffic.

Next before the present day, around four hundred years old platans, which were in the yard of the royal fort, were swept away by the river;  these Platans had historical importance; the river not only swept away the platans but took out the history which was associated with these grandiose platans. According to the eyewitness, the fort is near the encroachment of the river. If the inundation in the river upsurge, it will drag in and take away the fort.

Koghuzi stream was the unruffled and untroubled rivulet, it has been flowing tranquilly in its way for a long time; how long to bear the outrage of climate change? When the temperature of the world augmented year by year, it got to be out of bear to it. Finally, this week with all of its anger descended and swept away all the things which were in its way. The shops, garages and motor cars were taken away by the torrent.

Some agricultural lands were temporarily damaged; it was the source of remuneration for people. The irrigation canals were taken away; drinking water pipelines were swept away. What do they do; should they contrive water for themselves or formulate water for their crops? Here, it is important to acknowledge the assistance of NGOs to provide relief for the people of the affected area.

Recent deluge in rivulets and inundation in the River Chitral carried irretrievable detriment to the people of Chitral. People who are not well enough affluent and well-off could debug these impairments. They set up small businesses and shops in very difficulty, after long years of drudgery. Now, in front of their eyes, torrent took away all their years of travail. 

The geography of Chitral is altering with the passing years, due to the erosion of the River. Every year some new villages quarry the ruthless waves of the river and are eroded by the river in such an inexorable way that doesn’t see what things come in front of them. It erodes and takes away all the things around it: the agricultural lands, homes, forests and roads. If this year you get a chance to see a house near the river, the next year you won’t. Nothing works, it seems like all have become impuissant in Infront of the ruthless waves of the river, even the embankment.

Pakistan yells at the world to deal with climate change gravely. In 2014, it was first launched by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to fight climate change, this initiative remained so successful and restored 350,000 hectares of forest and barren land, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). In 2018, the former Prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, launched a billion-tree tsunami project all over Pakistan to cope with the detrimental impact of climate change and global warming.

The world will have to work in collaboration, to deal with climate change, and to bring back the world what it was. The world needs to work to curtail greenhouse gases and lessens the emission of carbon dioxide. The world should organize conferences on the topic of climate change daily; run aid regarding climate change on TV and different social media platforms, so everyone could be aware of global warming and climate change, and could work together to curtail the greenhouse gases and emissions of Carbon dioxide. Before it is too late, the world should take it seriously.

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