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Man searching for firewood in flooding river saved from drowning

CHITRAL: While rivers and streams are in a very high flood across Chitral, a man set out to collect firewood from the waters and got stuck in the middle of River Chitral in front of Ayun.

After being alerted by onlookers, Rescue 1122 Lower Chitral reached the spot and save the man from drowning. 

The emergency service said it took over an hour to take the stranded nan to safety across the flooding river. 

Public awareness messages in national media repeatedly advise people to take precautionary measures during the rainy season and approaching rivers and even mullahs. 

In the case of mountainous areas such as Chitral, residents should avoid unnecessary travel and approaching rivers and streams. 

The district administration and police should ban such movement of people and take action against the violators.

Such irresponsible behaviour also cause wastage of time of the emergency service staffers who are on a standby these days due to the climate induced emergency situation.

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