Maghfirat Shah condemns arrest of political workers in Upper Chitral

Arrest of political workers in Upper Chitral condemned

CHITRAL: Haji Maghfirat Shah, the leader of Jamaat-e-Islami Chitral and former district nazim, has spoken out against the recent arrest of political workers in Upper Chitral.

In a statement to the press, Shah decried the arrest of peaceful political activists, stating that it goes against the fundamental right of every political party and its workers to engage in peaceful political activities.

Shah said Chitral is a town of peace, and that the tradition of peacefulness and respect for the law among its residents is exemplary. He criticized the government’s fear and ambition to shape the future political landscape at will, and strongly condemned the measures to restrict the political process.

The leader of Jamaat-e-Islami Chitral demanded that PTI peace activists from Upper Chitral be released immediately and before the elections.

He also called for an end to the harassment of political workers, stating that if an attempt is made to pave the way for desired results by intimidating political workers in this way, there will be strong resistance from the people of Chitrali.

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