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NADRA officials arrested for issuing fake CNICs, passports

PESHAWAR: A deputy director and a superintendent of the NADRA centre at Drosh in Lower Chitral have been arrested on the charge of making national identity cards and passports for Afghan nationals. 

Moreover, 19 people, including 13 Afghan nationals and two agents, have also been arrested in the case.

It is alleged that the officials made 20 fake CNICs and passports. Further investigation is underway, said the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in the case.

However, sources told ChitralToday that the case dated back to March and the two Chitrali officials of NADRA Drosh were on BBA (bail before arrest).

According to media reports, some Afghans were held in Peshawar holding CNICs and passports of Pakistan. Their interrogation led to the arrest of the agents and then to the officials in the Drosh NADRA centre.

The FIA said during the past about one year, over 100 people have been arrested in fake identity card cases. These included 11 NADRA employees and 25 agents.      

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