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Utility store in Brep to be functional soon: DC

BOONI: The closed utility store in flood-affected Brep village will soon be made functional again, according to the office of the deputy commissioner Upper Chitral.

In a statement, the DC office said on Friday that officials of the Utility Store Corporation (USC) visited Brep today and assured the district administration that the outlet would be made functional soon. 

The statement added: “Due to efforts made by DC Muhammad Khalid Zaman and additional AC Mastuj Naveed Ahmed, the USC officials again visited the area today and promised to made the outlet functional within a few days.”

The people of Brep held two protest gatherings within a week and also blocked the Yarkhun road demanding reconstruction, rehabilitation of the flood-hit village and provision of basic facilities including the reopening of the USC outlet. The utility store was closed after floodwater entered its building in August 2022.       

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  1. Afsar Ali says

    Utitility Stores is a burden on government like Steel mill, Railway, PIA, Wapda etc. It causes heavy losses to govt but hardly benefits the public. It should be abolished or at least privatised.

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