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Happy International Women’s Day

Bashir Uddin

Every year on March 8th, International Women’s Day is celebrated as a call to feat women’s rights and promote gender equality.

The history of celebrating this day dates back to the early 20th or late 19th century. Since then, women and young girls come out on roads and public places with slogans to celebrate the day as a global event. Women and girls symbolize almost half of the world’s population hence half of the world’s potential is associated with this gender.

Therefore, societies have to seek out progress toward this potential without any sort of discrimination and discernment. Hence, if gender inequality isexisting at any level in society it deteriorates societal processes and development. Men and women are two pillars for smooth development of any society andto establish a balance in the societal norms, cultural values, economic needs and political attainment among the countries.

Inequality though is considered a general term associated with girls and women and an opinion as significant discrimination towards females. But a gender-equal society generates equal opportunities that are beneficial for both boys and girls. Similarly, gender inequality has circumstances for both.

In Pakistan, the term “gender inequality” is being reflected as a substantial matter and considered pervasive to young girls’ and women’s livelihood and workplace activities. Therefore, in the Pakistani context, it is reflected as a significant issue related to gender-based workplace performance, productivity and performance. There is a general assumption that Pakistani girls and women are having huge challenges in society and workplaces. If it is so, then are the boys and male counterparts enjoying full satisfaction in workplaces and job turnover? The answer is a big no.

Inequality affects both genders’ productivity and performance. For females and males, the effects of inequality are like the two faces of the same coin. If in some sort, there are difficulties for girls and women then in another sort there are challenges for boys also. The establishment of gender equality benefits both gender and inequality alters the smooth performance of both female and male personnel. Achieving gender equity in our beloved country is of vital importance and change in the mindsets about gender-based workforces and gender representation is indispensable for a truly equitable workforce society. One of the major barriers to achieving this is the unstable economic forum of the country and the low socioeconomic status of societies and communities.

For equal compensation and to value the services of both gender, a stable economic status is needed otherwise the issues of inequity and discrimination will stay unsolved causing the biasness to take ownership in societies and workforce emoluments. That’s why the campaigns, slogans, banners and rallies are not surprising to happen in the country.

However, rich discussion and significant work are yet to be held on to clarify that gender inequality is not about providing the male counterparts with advantages and benefits instead they are sufferers of the same circumstance through another lens. The perception that gender inequality or gender inequity is pilferingthe rights of girls and transmitting them to boys needs to be dejected because it is the failure of societies in changing the mindset of citizens and achieving excellence in economic matters and social features.

In the context of Chitral, women are already getting educational degrees and respectful jobs in society to control the financial needs of families. Women empowerment is noticed to be high as compared to other regions of the country. The rate of girls’ enrollment in education is almost the same as that of boys. Enrollment in educational institutions and progress in education can be seen as empowerment but there is an opinion that still much work to be done to ensure that girls enjoy the same rights as that boys. Though the girls and women in Chitrali society are perceived as respected individuals in workplaces and employment nevertheless,during rallies or walk on the subject some young girls representing Chitral are observed to be on the frontline to record protest.

The concept behind celebrating this day is not short of controversy, mostly in terms of cultural norms and societal values and respect. Opinions and perspectives about the slogans on the subject are differing. Can’t it be said that this day is observed as an opportunity to recognize the achievements of women’s role in our society and give a message to the global community that our way of celebration is also unique and innovative like our female literacy rate as empowerment? For us, it should be a day to celebrate the accomplishment of girls in the field of education, civil services, sports, business, politics, and in all other fields where our girls and women have emerged as empowered women of the area.


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