THQ hospital Drosh

Protest planned against transfer of lady doctor

DROSH: The health department has been asked not to transfer the only lady doctor from the Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital of Drosh in the best interest of the patients.

In a statement, Kisan councillor retired Subedar Abdul Rashid said the THQ hospital Drosh is the only healthcare centre catering to people from Arandu to Ayun and Bumburate.   

He said the issue of shortage of lady doctors at the THQ hospital, which has been declared as a category D hospital, has been lingering for long, forcing the locals to protest on a number of occasions. He said a few years ago, a lady doctor left for specialization and upon her return she was sent to Chitral where there were already doctors. 

There were earlier two lady doctors at the THQ hospital, one of them was transferred earlier and the remaining one was being sent out of the hospital now, he added. Mr Rashid warned taht if the doctor was transferred, the locals would again take to the streets.

According to a notification issued by the health department dated Feb 19, 2021, Dr Farah Javed (BPS-17) was transferred from the THQ hospital Drosh to Haripur district.

Government hospitals in both Lower and Upper Chitral have been facing shortage of doctors, especially female doctors, for years leading to lots of hardship for patients. 

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