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Officers’ body in education dept to form district cabinets

BOONI: Officers of the management cadre in the district education offices, both male and female in Upper Chitral, at a meeting on Tuesday decided to form cabinets of their association at the district level.

The meeting was chaired by DEO (M) Miftahuddin. The participants were informed that it was the decision taken at the provincial level to form district cabinets of the Management Cadre Association and set future course of action.

The meeting was attended by Deputy DEO Muqaddas Khan, SDEO(F) Arifa Bibi, ASDEO Saida Gulshan, ASDEO A.M. Khan and Haroon Rashid and ADEO Haider Ali.

During the meeting, the office-bearers of the district cabinet were also elected. DEO(M) Miftahuddin was unanimously elected as patron-in-chief, Haroon Rashid as president, Gul Farzana vice president, Haider Ali, senior vice president, Syed Gulshan, general secretary, A.M. Khan, secretary information, and Ijaz Ahmad, as finance secretary.

In the meeting, the officers of the management cadre expressed their resolve for upgradation of management cadre posts, provision of management allowance, restoration of regional directorates, four-tier formula, reservation of seats in DCTE, DPD and BISEs in the province.

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