Kalash winter sports festival

Kalash winter sports festival ends

CHITRAL: The local tribal dance to the beat of drums marked the end of the three-day Kalash Winter Sports Festival in the snow-clad scenic valley of Lower Chitral.

The event was attended by hundreds of tourists despite the harsh winter, snowfall and sub-zero temperature in the area.

The event was for the first time organized in the world-famous Kalash valley jointly by the Khyber Pakthunkhwa Culture Department and district administration and it was supported by two NGOs. 

Traditional wrestling, tug of war and buzkushi were also part of the festival to entertain the tourists as well as locals.

Local musicians also entertained the participants and night events were also part of the festival.

“We hope that the festival would be held each winter in the valley which will provide employment opportunities to the local youth and promote the area as an attractive tourism destination,” said an official.

Shahzada Hishamul Mulk, during his address, said that the event proved to be an interesting one despite the fact that it was organized on a very short notice.

He said that next year the festival will be held with full arrangements and local traditional sports would be given a preference in it. 



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