Chitral ko haq do trending on Twitter

Youth take to social media for Chitral’s rights

PESHAWAR: The youth of Chitral have launched a campaign against unavailability of basic facilities of life such as roads and quality education.

Besides holding protest rallies, the youth were using social media and Chitral ko haq do trending on top 2nd position in Pakistan and on 6th position internationally on Twitter last night.

This was the result of the movement that Tehreek Takhfuz Haqq Chitral has started for the past several days. Apart from the sit-in, their supporters have been using social media especially Twitter with the hashtag #چترال_کو_حق_دو. Youth of Chitral very aggressively highlighted the issues of Chitral which included bad conditions of roads, poor healthcare, low quality education in government schools, poor Infrastructure and massive corruption in development funds released over the past 75 years.

A regular and organized campaign is being conducted by a few active Twitter handlers of Chitral.

“Thanks to all Chitrali Twitterers especially females for bringing this trend to the top, we request all who have Twitter account to please support us by tweeting using key word Chitral.”–Mubashir Sultan 



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