Relief items in Brep, Yarkhun by BLSO

Relief items distributed among flood-hit people

BOONI: Biyar Local Support Organization (BLSO) distributed relief items among the flood affected families in four villages of Upper Chitral, says a press release.

The relief items arranged with the help of Chitral-origin Canadian philanthropist Dastagir Nawaz Khan were distributed among 49 families of Khuz, Pavur, Awi and Reshun. Along with basic food items, Rs10,000 cash were also handed over to 22 families of Pawur. Furthermore, hygiene kits were also provided to women of the flood-affected areas.

It is pertinent to mention that in 2016 the elder sister of Dastagir Khan, Sehsrish Nawaz, also helped the flood and earthquake-devastated people of Chitral.

Political notables, relief beneficiaries and community members appreciated Nawaz family’s efforts to help the flood affected people.

Social activists in the areas have called upon other Chitrali philanthropists and well-off people to come to the help of the flood-hit areas.


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