Golen valley witnesses widespread destruction

Golen valley witnesses widespread destruction

Bashir Hussain Azad

CHITRAL: While the weather normalized after incessant rains and devastating floods across Chitral on Sunday, reports from the secluded and scenic Golen valley of Lower Chitral showed disturbing scene of destruction to public and private properties.Fllod in Golen valley; rescue work

The flash floods have also damaged the diversion structure and power channel of the 108 megawatt Golen powerhouse, disrupting power supply besides washing away the water supply line from the valley to the Chitral town.

The reports showed that jeep-able roads and bridges in the 15-km-long valley have been washed away by the torrents. Moreover, over 50 houses have either partially or completely damaged while two mosques were also affected.

Due to the damages to the main road and bridges in the Golen valley floods, no relief goods could reach the affected people who have been stranded in their houses and are unable to communicate with each other within the area.

However, Rescue 1122 said its staffers rescued 40 people from Bhaka village by installing a temporary bridge over a stream. It said relief activities had been launched by the emergency service in the flood-affected areas of the valley. 

It may be recalled that Golen was also devastated by floods in 2020 after which the locals remained without any help due to blockades of the area, leading to public protests.  Golen valley floods



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