Falling stones injure youth in near Dewangol

Falling stones hit, injure youth

BREP (UPPER CHITRAL): A youth was injured after falling stones hit him near Dewangol village on Sunday, local residents told ChitralToday.

They said Mumtaz Ali, son of Bahadar Ali, was crossing below the sliding area of Chokulwaht bear a pedestrian bridge in front of Brep when rocks and boulders fell from the mountain and hit Mumtaz.

The youth was rescued by local people and then shifted to a hospital in Mastuj by Rescue 1122. 

Due to unavailability of a jeepable road, people of Dewangol have to travel between their small village and Brep on foot through the sliding area to reach a pedestrian bridge when the volume of water in the river increases in the summer. 

A few years ago, a teenage girl student fell into the river and died near the same area. In the past, scores of people were also hit by falling stones in the area.

However, the KP government is now constructing a jeepable bridge right in front of Dewangol which will be completed early next year.

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