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Flooding river also damages road at Mastuj bridge

MASTUJ: The river Yarkhun continued flooding and damaging public and private properties and blocking roads in different parts of Chitral.

In the latest deluge, it swept away a kucha area between the main Mastuj bridge and its smaller part on Mastuj side, cutting off areas from Mastuj to Shandur and Broghil in Yarkhun valley. 

The few metres area had not been strengthened with concrete and the overflowing currents of the river swept it away, creating a big gap between the two parts of the bridge. 

While the Chitral-Mastuj road was already blocked at Reshun due to river erosion, the damage to the road at Mastuj has stranded people of Upper Chitral at two points now.

Local people told ChitralToday that the builders of the bridge in 2006 were responsible for its damage and the subsequent blockade of the road.

They said instead of using concrete, the open area (shotar) between two parts of the bridge was filled with sand and soil that were washed away when the water in the river overflew.

They demanded that the government should rebuild the damaged portion of the road to restore traffic.


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