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Another woman kills herself by jumping into river

YARKHUN: Another young woman, mother of a minor girl, committed suicide by jumping into the river in Yarkhun valley of Upper Chitral, local people told ChitralToday on Monday. 

They said the dead body of the victim was recovered from the river Yarkhun in front of Bang village near the high school on Monday. 

The deceased was identified as Munira, age 24 years, wife of Basharat of Zhupu village. She was a native of Sonoghur and had an eight-month-old daughter. 

The young woman had committed suicide by jumping into the river at 10am on Sunday (July 10).

In a similar incident, the dead body of a married young woman from Unaunch was recovered from the river in front of Bang a few days ago.

On July 2, a woman in Kushum village also ended her life by jumping into the river.

Moreover, the dead body of another woman was recovered from river in Laspur valley in July 9.

Chitral has seen rising cases of suicide among young women in the recent past. Most of the women who ended their life were married.

Expressing concerns over the rising cases of suicide among young women, Syed Mukhrar Ali Shah Advocate called upon the government to take the issue seriously.

He said untill the police investigated each and every case from different angles and took action against those responsible for creating an unfavourable conditions forcing women ti end their life, the ussue would remain unresolved.

He said women in majority of cases are left with no option than to kill themselves when their lives are made miserable by their family members, especially the in-laws.

If legal action is unitiated and taken to the conclusion, these unfortunate incidents would definitely decrease, he added.–Abdul Nasir Khan 

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