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Chitral MNA should quit

Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

The people of Chitral had voted for Molana Abdul Akbar who contested the 2018 elections on the ticket of the MNA with ‘book, being his election symbol. But he has failed to represent the people and has ‘abused the mandate’ given to him as a candidate of the MMA, not of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI).

He, from that date to this day, is waiting from a command from his party leadership who orders him to remain as dumb as a statue and say nothing about the Issues of Chitral.

Since he has failed to represent his constituency and speak on their behalf so he has no more right to remain as MNA and receive the pay and allowances because he is not representing the voters who had voted him but obeying the leader of JI who should also have the sense that the MNA should support either the PTI or the “imported” governments.

The MNA has lost the confidence of the voters and has not represented the people of Chitral so he should, honestly, resign and vacate the seat and take the Pesh Imam capacity to lead the Muslims in mosque in the traditional way. The people had not voted for him to be silent in the National Assembly during the term of the mandate. His neutrality is now out of limits. He has proved a BIG failure.

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