Reference ready against Molana Chitrali: PML-N leader

Reference ready against Molana Chitrali: PML-N leader

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Ayaz Sadiq on Friday threatened Molana Abdul Akbar Chitrali MNA to either join the treasury benches or be ready for a reference that he said was ready against him.

During the session of the National Assembly, Mr Sadiq said the lawmaker from Chitral should join the government and resolve issues of his area. The people of Chitral have elected him to the assembly and he should decide whether he is ready to sit with us or not.

Though a reference is ready [against the molana], we are hesitant to proceed on it because he [Chitrali] is friend of everyone, the PML-N leader said without elaborating on what charges such a reference had been made against Molana Chitrali.

In response, the Chitali lawmaker challenged the PML-N leader to file the reference against him. He said Mr Sadiq should file the reference on Monday after which he would come up with his reply.

Molana Chitrali said no pressure tactics can deter him from raising voice for the rights of the people of his area.

3 Replies to “Reference ready against Molana Chitrali: PML-N leader”

  1. Molana Chitrali is national and international leader and is working on different programs for glory of Islam and Pakistani nation but you people cannot think beyond Lowari tunnel and have very narrow vision.

  2. Molana sahib is totally a ‘drama baaz’. He thinks making a speech is enough service. Never follows up on anything after making the speech-Just like most mullas.

  3. I don’t understand why the government takes Molana seriously. He never knows what is the real issue of Chitral and hence always make diatribes on non issues to get his presence felt and get cheap publicity.

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