Chitrali nurses protest sit-in in Peshawar

Nurses from Chitral continue protest in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: The nursing staff from Chitral and other parts of the province continued the sit-in outside the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly for the third consecutive day on Friday.

Speaking on the occasion, the protesters criticized the provincial government for not taking their issues seriously.

“We have been staging protest here for the last three days but the government and the officials concerned are least bothered to address our concerns,” said one of the speakers from Chitral.

Both the males and female health staff from Chitral came down hard on the elected representatives from the districts for not taking any role in facilitating.

“Most of the protesters belong to Chitral but our MPAs and MNA stayed away from us instead of facilitating us,” said one of the female protesters.

The protesters said they had played a key role in running the health facilities but their future had been made uncertain in the medical teaching institutions (MTIs).

“Thousands of nurses are serving in MTIs on fixed pay or contracts,” said one of the protesters from Chitral, adding, they were demanding proper service structure at the public sector hospitals, particularly in the MTIs, and protection for nurses working as civil servants.

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