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Terich declared wildlife conservancy

PESHAWAR: Terich in Torkhow valley of Upper Chitral has been declared as a new wildlife conservancy by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government, the wildlife department said.

According to a notification issued on Jan 14, 2022 and available with ChitralToday, under section 39 of the KP wildlife and biodiversity (protection, conservation and management) Act 2015, the provincial government has declared the following areas as conservancies, with immediate effect:

  • Terich in Torkhow of Upper Chitral, spreading over 262,228 hectares with Afghanistan in the north, Yarkhun in the east, Arkari valley in the west and Torkhow river in the south.

The other new conservancies in the province are located in Mankial and Kalam in Swat, Kumrat and Dir Kohistan in Upper Dir.

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  1. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    Terich valley has been part of Mukhi Tehsil , not Torkhow. Yarkhoon Valley has no mutual boundary with Terich. Notification needs clarification

  2. Shah Karez says

    It appears there is need to further elucidation of the boundaries of this conservancy. How Yarkhun is connected.

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