Fox caught in Reshun, released

The fox affair

This is a satire written by Yaqoob Ali 

Chogh the fox took to twitter on Monday to thank authorities in Upper Chitral after they issued a challan to a man who had ‘illegally’ detained the fox at his house for a night. Chogh was in the neighborhood of Greenlasht in Upper Chitral on the night of January 6.

Upon entering a different section of a house to which he paid frequent visits, he was unduly detained and filmed by the owner of the house, who released him in the morning. Local authorities later issued a charge sheet to the man for maltreating and harassing the poor, innocuous animal.

Mr. Chogh expressed his gratitude, saying he hoped the rights of his comrades – not to be detained without due process – will be upheld in future too. He also used twitter’s platform to raise his voices for his comrades, terming all allegations of stealing from the villagers as baseless. He said the allegations were evil designs of hostile elements that were trying to stoke violence against them.

He called for the xenophobic elements to be dealt with in accordance with the law. He stated that owing to such baseless allegations, people had started looking at his comrades with suspicion and enmity with some of them being forced to leave their motherland to avoid persecution. He listed several victims who are living under self-exile in England.

When asked what business he had in the dark of the night on a private property in a densely populated village far from his habitat, he invoked examples of European countries’ laying claims to land and resources in the South in the 18th and 19th century as a testament to the centuries old inalienable right of all life forms on earth to go south in search of resources.

In the same vein, he demanded that foxes shall not be persecuted for going South of the mountains in search of resources. To that end, he also announced forming of a society for the protection of rights of foxes, saying it will work to safeguard the foxes from being harassed by the villagers.

In a bizarre turn of events on Monday, the man who had illegally detained the fox filed a civil suit claiming damages. The man not only claimed damages for countless stolen hens and forgone peace of mind, but also called for reimbursement of the expenses incurred on boarding and lodging of Chogh the fox. His lawyer expressed his indignation over the complaint against his client, terming the move absurd and calling for the complaint to not be taken seriously.

Asking for damages after illegally detaining my client for a night based on unfounded suspicion is adding insult to the injury. He said the man shall be grateful for the generosity of Chogh the fox who has decided not to file a defamation suit. When asked to comment on missing hens of the village, the lawyer dodged the question with ‘no comments.’

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