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Ismaili volunteers start repairing Yarkhun road again

YARKHUN: Ismaili volunteers belonging to different villages have once again started repairing the road of Yarkhun valley of Upper Chitral.

Since 2017 it has become a regular feature to see Ismaili volunteers repairing road in the area and those else where in honour of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan who visited Chitral and met his followers in Garam Chashma and Booni in connection with his diamond jubilee celebrations.

The Ismaili volunteers’ repairing of roads in Chitral also symbolizes the birthday of their Imam His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan falling on Dec 13.

The Ismailis of Chitral voluntarily repair roads in their areas as the government has miserably failed to fulfil its responsibility of constructing and maintaining the tracks connecting different valleys such as Yarkhun, Broghil, Laspur, Mastuj and Garam Chashma.

In Yarkhun, the repair of the road this year has been launched by the volunteers in the jurisdiction of the Aga Khan Local Council of Bang.

Young volunteers were seen repairing the road in Bang and Birzoz villages. Some of them while talking to ChitralToday said by repiring the dilapidated road they could help people, especially elderly and sick persons, travel to their destination without any hardship.

–Syed Shahab Uddin

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