AKRSP powerhouse's supply lines upgradation

Upgradation of AKRSP powerhouse’s supply lines begins

DIZG (UPPER CHITRAL): Work on the upgradation of the supply lines from Grovur powerhouse to various villages has started after the arrival of steel poles and wires supplied by the Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) in Dizg village.

About upgradation of AKRSP powerhouse’s supply lines, senior officials from AKRSP had held a dialogue with representatives of the cluster organization at the Jamat Khana of Dizg in September 2021.

The AKRSP officials had told the locals that it would provide 130 steel poles and 30,000 feet of cables along with equipment needed for the upgradation of the distribution network from the powerhouse to Yukum, Mahting, Khruzg, Dizg, Istach.

Cluster organization’s President Dilbar Murad Khan told ChitralToday that poles, wires and equipment to upgrade the power distribution system worth Rs10 million had started arriving in the village. 

“Soon we will begin installing the poles and wires from the powerhouse to Istach under the supervision of the AKRSP. We are thankful to the AKRSP for approving the upgradation of the powerhouse’s supply system,” he added. 

He said the wooden poles from the 250 KV powerhouse badly needed replacement as they had been damaged at different points mainly due to floods and rain/windstorms.   

AKRSP powerhouse’s supply lines.

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