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Death penalty for child abusers approved

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa cabinet has approved death penalty for child abusers after approval of Child Protection and Welfare Amendment Act 2020 which will be implemented after approval by the provincial assembly. 

The cabinet also approved 14-year sentence and five million penalty for the accused involved in child pornography and 10-year sentence for those involved in harassment and blackmailing through videos and filming.

After the approval of the Act, the criminals involved in child trafficking will be sentenced upto 25-years and fined Rs.5 million.

The approval was given during a cabinet meeting held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Mahmood Khan.

Briefing media persons about the decisions of the cabinet, minister for higher education Kamran Bangash and newly appointed special assistant to CM on information and public relations Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif said the Act was approved following recommendations by a special committee for child protection which recommended amendments in the Child Protection 2010.

The amended act has suggestion for exemplary punishment for the child abusers which include death penalty, life term imprisonment and huge penalty and there would be no concession in the punishment granted under the Act. The police will be authorized audio video evidence and DNA tests during the investigation and presentation in the court of law as evidence.

The convict’s names will be displayed on Child Protection Commission Website and entered in the special register, there would not be a complete ban on providing employment in public – private sectors on these convicts while they would also be not allowed to use public private sectors on these convicts while they would also be not allowed to use public transport.

The owner or head of any organization providing jobs to the child abusers will be imprisoned for 5-years and fined Rs.10 million or both.

The cabinet also approved Press, Newspapers, News Agencies and Book Registration Amendment Act 2021 following which the declaration and transfer of the newspaper will be authorized to any person, irrespective of blood relatives, however, the transfer will only be approved after 10-years of the initial declaration in the name of the owner.

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  1. Mohammed Ilyas Ahmad says

    Pakistani laws are very strict by nature. But, only on papers. English Colonial regulations of 1861 still prevails. No Rustam Pahlavan has ever tried to amend those regulations. These people sit and change the fabric and don’t bother to change the body. These people know what they are doing is just a show and nothing else.
    The poor ones who cannot hire a versatile lawyer remain in jail for year up to declared not guilty while those who do have some sources are proven innocent even when punishment announced.

  2. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    A very good amendment. Highly appreciated. The child abusers must be punished by death sentence.

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