Arandu and Dorah trade routes

Arandu and Dorah trade routes open next month

PESHAWAR: Arandu and Dorah trade routes in Lower Chitral will be opened in November this year, the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) announced.

Special Adviser to Chief Minister on Industries Abdul Karim Khan revealed that the move will activate business community on both sides of the border and allowing business on these two crossing will not only generate economic activities in Chitral but also employment opportunities for the local population.

The opening of the Arandu and Dorah trade routes will increase the business volume between Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as with the Central Asian Republics (CARs), he added.

Mr Kareem further said that chief minister Mahmood Khan will formally inaugurate the trading routes on the occasion of 4th conference on the industrial development of Chitral on November 12 to 13.

Owing to their major links, border crossings at Arandu and Dorah play key role in trade with Central Asian countries. The adviser said that during the conference, the government will also announce several uplift projects for the district including the special economic zone in Chitral, the Chitral Chamber of Commerce and the National Bank building.

It may be noted that poor security condition in the region has made business on the routes between the two countries impossible. 

Those associated with Pakistan-Afghanistan trade expressed the hope that the reopening of the trading routes will usher in a new era of progress and development in Chitral.
The traders said that Chitral has very important geographical position. The district borders Afghanistan’s Kunar, Badakhsan and Nuristan provinces.

After the Taliban seized power, Pakistan exports to Afghanistan are on constant decline after as import orders have been cancelled due to unavailability of funds and closure of country’s construction sector.

The traders said now that Kabul is shifting its attentions to central Asian countries for its imports. 



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