Eight killed after jeep falls into river

Collective unconsciousness

Miraj Uddin 
The accident  that happened in Yarkhun near the historical Darband witnessed  another  highest casualties recorded in the area, resulting in nine deaths, including two women, while  five death bodies are still missing.
Being a Muslim, though it is a part of our faith that such incidents never happen without the will of Allah, nevertheless situational evidence left many questions that need to be taken into consideration to save lives from such disaster in future.
First and foremost is the role of the state which has failed to facilitate the people making Yarkhun a “neglected zone”. In terms of infrastructure development, the valley’s rights have been neglected by successive governments. The condition of roads, bridges and other amenities are too deteriorated that such incidents happened time and again.
Though, construction and maintenance of infrastructure is inviolable obligation of state, in the valley of Yarkhun state’s obligation is undertaken by non-governmental organizations and philanthropists. But without government level engineering and oversight mechanism, the standard of such projects always remains compromised.
The latest accident happened on a bridge that was built through financial support from PTI leader Jahangir Tareen. However, the structural design and engineering were missing.
Secondly, the administration has utterly failed to execute traffic laws such as to monitor loading capacity, physical examination of vehicles and the competency of drivers. The incompetency of government to maintain check and balance resulted overloading, unusual travelling hours, unprofessional driving which put the lives of people in danger.
It is said that the late driver was driving from consecutive 11 hours at midnight due to which fatigue and sleep remained additional causes of the accident.  
Thirdly, passengers’ role to this negligence cannot be disregarded. Sometimes passengers themselves commit delinquency allowing drivers overloading or travelling during night. Proper knowledge about the traffic laws among the masses is essential to avoid such disaster again. 
Finally, authorities must recognize their duties and obligation. Setting traffic laws, providing travel guidance, and restraining overloading are the duties of authorities. Without firm laws such incidents happen again  and we will raise hoe and cry for some moment. I pray for the departed souls and endurance of the families and may we find the death bodies soon. Ameen ! 
(The writer is  teacher  at Aga Khan High School, Shuist).

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