Injured snow leopard dies in Peshawar

Injured snow leopard dies in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: The snow leopard found injured by villagers of Rabat in Arkari valley of Lower Chitral has died in the Peshawar zoo.

The zoo management on Monday said the wild cat had fallen and gotten its backbone broken.

It remained hungry for many days after falling from the mountain and succumbed to the injuries despite efforts to save its life. 

After spotting the snow leopard, the villagers had informed the Wildlife Department and its officials transported it to the Peshawar zoo after providing it first aid.


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  1. When humans are not treated properly, how a poor leopard can be treated back to a proper life. Poor leopard just suffered travelling to Peshawar. Secondly if it were a deer or any hallal animal, it would have been treated better till it was slaughtered.

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