Seven arrested for diverting electricity

Killer of elderly woman arrested

YARKHUN: Police have arrested the young man who opened fire in the house of his in-laws, killing a sister of his father-in-law and injuring his wife and her mother in Bang village on Friday, locals told ChitralToday.

The locals said Junaid Akber shot dead the 60-year-old Khosh Nan after she entered into arguments with him over his wife’s refusal to go with him. Junaid had married the daughter of Gul Zaman a year back but she was refusing to go to her husband’s house.

Junaid told police that he used a 12-bore gun and shot Khosh Nan first and then separately targeted her wife and mother-in-law and escaped. The two injured women are hospitalized in Booni.

The alleged killer then escaped to a nearby mountain. When police were searching for him in the village, he descended from the mountain in the evening and surrendered.

Soon after the incident when the police from Meragram No 2 post arrived, they were given by the family an old gun which the police suspected was not the one used by the killer. 

The police then managed to collect two other guns from the killer and took them away.


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  1. It’s heard that the man from Chitral lower had married a year back with that girl from Bang and the girl was in good terms with her husband but these two women were poking nose in their family affairs persuading her not to proceed to husband’s home that made the man furious right when he was taking his wife with him.

    1. Not true sir, the man is native of Bang. He is son of Sardar Khan of lower Bang. His father and father-in-law are close blood relatives and live in same neighborhood.
      It is true that his wife was not going with him and the man was blaming her relatives for it. But this cannot be an excuse to kill an old woman who was also a widow.

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