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New Urdu website launched

ISLAMABAD: A new Urdu website was launched by Chitrali youth here on Jan 1, 2021.

The website, Chumarkhan, was formally opened by Gilgit-Baltistan Deputy Speaker Nazir Ahmed, said a press release. 

It said the objective of the website was to disseminate timely information and provide a platform to the youth of Chitral to express their views and opinions on different issues. 

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  1. Shaidullah Baig says

    Running a website and facebook page are two different things. If someone thinks that it’s a child’s play, he/she is groping in the dark. Running a facebook page – just for the sake of fun – with full of mistakes, google translation of Urdu stories, that too too full of mistakes and most of the time without even slightly understanding the nature of the story is not worth appreciating.

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