Education dept employees made sports officers

11 education dept employees made district sports officers

PESHAWAR: The PTI came to power with the slogan of change. Though a change is yet to be seen in the governance system, day in and day out this party comes up with policy changes to benefit its own people.

Now, according to media reports, the provincial government has appointed 11 employees of the education department as district sports officers in different parts of the province.

This has been done in complete disregard to a ruling of the Peshawar High Court.

The district where these irrelevant people have been made as sports officers are Chitral, Shangla, Mardan, Tank, Dir Upper, Dir Lower, Abbottabad, Kohistan, Battagram and Bannu.

After these employees with no sports background took over as sports officers, sports activities have come to a halt in these districts.

Some of these officials were working in the education department as drawing masters, physical teachers and subject specialists.

Similarly, other irrelevant people have been appointed in key posts in the sports directorate.

Social circle and youth have called upon the government to revise its decision for the promotion of sports activities in the province.


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