Govt assailed for not constructing Istaru bridge

Govt assailed for not constructing Istaru bridge

CHITRAL: People belonging to Torkhow valley on Tuesday condemned PTI government’s biased attitude towards Chitral and for not resolving public issues, including the construction of a damaged bridge that has cut off their area from other parts of Chitral for the last nine months.

Speaking at a press conference under the banner of Chitral Development Movement, Waqas Ahmed, Molana Israr Uddin Al-Hilal, Shabbir Ahmed, Tahir Uddin Shadan, Muhammad Kauser, Salah Uddin, Jamshed Ahmed and others said on the one hand the PTI government in Peshawar was spending billions of rupees for development of Chitral, the hometown of the chief minister and the federal communication minister, and on the other it is not bothering to reconstruct the bridge at Istaru due to which over 100,000 people of Torkhow valley have been facing hardship for over nine months ago.

The affected people are using an old track passing through mountains but this track will be closed in winter due to snowfall and there will be no other option for the people to communicate to their areas and other parts of Chitral.

They said a steel bridge could be arranged and installed at the stream in Istaru to restore traffic but the government remained callous to the public issues despite repeated demands and public protest.

They said the deputy commissioner of Upper Chitral and the executive engineer of the Communication and Works Department were providing wrong information to the government adding to the public woes and now they have no justification to remain on the posts. 

In reply to a complaint lodged on the citizen portal of the prime minister, the executive engineer also provided wrong information, they added.

They demanded that a steel bridge should immediately be arranged and installed at Istaru stream otherwise people of the area would be compelled to launch a protest movement against the government.–Bashir Hussain Azad 


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