Doctors, patients facing lack basic facilities in Chitral

Doctors, patients lack basic facilities in Chitral

CHITRAL: A representative of doctors on Sunday said patients as well as doctors in Chitral were facing a number of issues and lacked basic facilities.

Dr Abbas Hayat was speaking at a ceremony held to administer oath to the new cabinet of Chitral Doctors Forum (CDF).

He said the coronary care unity (CCU), intensive care unity (ICU), orthopedics, neuro-surgery and urology departments of the District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital were without proper diagnostic facilities and specialist doctors.

As the Chitral DHQ hospital lacks facilities, serious patients are referred to Peshawar. However, there is no arrangement to transport such patients needing emergency care. Dr Abbas said there is also a lack of security inside the hospital.

He said it was the responsibility of the government to ensure proper facilities for patients.

Doctors are also facing an acute shortage of accommodation due to which those coming from outside could not afford serving in Chitral.

He said many houses at the Doctors’ Colony in Singoor were still occupied by irrelevant people and the government should get the houses vacated.

MPA Molana Hidayatur Rehman, who chaired the function, said Chief Minister Mahmood Khan has allocated funds for Chitral more than other areas in the province.

He said work on road infrastructure and healthcare projects would be launched in Chitral after about five months.

Additional deputy commissioner (relief) Abdul Wali Khan paid tributes to doctors, paramedics and other staff who have been fighting the coronavirus since March.

He said the district administration would make efforts to resolve issues being faced by doctors and patients.

District ehalth officer (DHO) Dr Haiderul Mulk also spoke on the occasion.–Syed Nazir Hussain shah

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  1. Just missed that the DHO himself graced the occasion. How pathetic. This man should be posted out IMMEDIATELY as he does not know why he is there what are his responsibilities he is supposed to undertake. Stop playing with the lives of people, Try to behave responsibly as the position you are holding is not enjoying the gathering as chief guest as there is need to do a lot more as senior most health manager of the district.

  2. Look at the “precautionary” measures taken by no other than the “maseehas” or to be more precise, the frontline doctors taking care of COVID-19 patients, along with a lawmaker, holding a gathering, just for NOTHING.

    Let me remind the MPA Hidayat that it was he who PROTESTED when Shahid Afridi visited Chitral. I would like to ask the molvi what should I say in such a situation when the whole valley is becoming fertile breeding grounds for the coronavirus?? To be frank: You, Hidayat Ur Rehman, simply does not deserve this position.

    It is appalling to see the medics sending WRONG and STUPID message to masses at a time when COVID-19 has played havoc in the country especially in Chitral.

    These doctors should given explanation by the deputy commissioner or the district health officer (DHO) or else I am afraid to say that they may invite people for holding dhola ishtok, in order to enjoy the winter of the area. And yeh, the visit of the secretary health is NOTHING but a publicity stunt like his doctors holding such gatherings for nothing.

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