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Aurangzeb Shahzad
Colonized nations have remained in deficit during colonization. Before independence we were colonized and ruled by Britain; it was between 1570s and the beginning of World War 1 in 1914. The UK, France, and Netherlands established colonial powers in Asia and expanded their empires over a vast territory in the Middle East.
The British attitude towards Indians began to shift and of course this was a result of Gandhi’s protest and the work of other nationalist leaders. We had remained colonized and British got plenty of benefits from our motherland. We remained colonized and they established companies in our land and we (our forefathers) worked in those companies as employees and the Britishers acted like our bosses.
When we look at our beautiful Chitral, I don’t know why, it feels like the same situation is going to happen with us even today. I am not saying exactly that same situation but a sufferage like that. So many people are moving towards Chitral from different parts of our country and they are eager to start their businesses here and almost everyone succeeds. Especially, Pashtoons are in majority among such people. You can find them in every village of Chitral who have set up their vendings. One of the big and only mills which is known as Chitral Mill is being run by a well-known Pashtoon, Haji Seth Kamran, and so many Chitralis are working over there as helpers or labourers.
Famous bakeries such as Kasmhir Bakery is also under the custody of nonlocal rather Kashmiris have settled here to run that bakery.
Apart from this, so many agencies are being run by outsiders like Milkpak and crockery etc.
In town Chitral, almost  80pc of business is being run by Pathans and the dialema is that Chitrallis are moving towards big cities in search of jobs. They can find job here and can easily start their businesses as well, but I fail to understand the attitude and mindset of our people. We cannot find even a single butcher shop owned by Chitralis in Chitral.
If the situation remains the same as it is today, the day is not so far when outsiders will be dominant on us and  start their supremacy like the same which we had witnessed in the times of British colonialism.
 I think the ongoing situation is an ultimatum for us and we should be analyzing the possible outcome and create awarness among our youth so that they can be able to play their role to change the trend before it is too late. It is time to divert their attention towards trade, commerce, and business.
I hope things will change with the passage of time and our attitude will also change otherwise it will be very challenging for us and for our future. Being human we can struggle and hope, so let’s start our struggle to change the mindset of our youth and let’s hope for the best future of our upcoming generation.
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